SugarCRM Add-On That Saves Your Time and Nerves

SugarAide: SugarCRM Extension for Mobile to Inform You of What Really Matters

Have you ever fancied that…

  • your smartphone pops up all contact-related activities from your SugarCRM system during the incoming call?
  • you get the most significant notifications from SugarCRM on your mobile?

SugarAide, SugarCRM add-on developed by Integros, makes it possible!

Save your nerves
View all significant
contact-related information
from SugarCRM during
the incoming call

Save your time
Automatically sync
all valuable contacts
from SugarCRM system with
your smartphone's address book

Uses push notifications to display call-related activities during the calls

Syncs SugarCRM contacts with device's address book automatically

Provides flexible subscription options to help you keep the contacts you want close at hand

Prevents data leaks by removing all the sensitive data from an ex-employee's device

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