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Justifying a CRM Project: Surprising CRM Facts You Absolutely Need to Know [Infographic]

When a company starts a project, it wants to evaluate project’s investment potential in advance. That’s why building a solid business case matters a good deal. It is especially true for CRM initiatives where the amount of investments can be significant. In order to help businesses prepare accurate and sound case we suggest you taking into consideration the next infographic.

How to Build a Business Case for CRM

“Customer relationship management” can sound intimidating to small- and mid-sized businesses. After all, if your company only has a handful of customers, why do you need a dedicated process or system to keep track of them? A few spreadsheets and rules of thumb will do just fine.

But what happens when business starts to boom? At some point, the organization will need to implement a customer contact management system that’s more organized and streamlined than a mass of spreadsheets. And such a migration could be painful if the decision has been put off for months or even years.

At its core, CRM is really just a contact database, and that’s not just useful to enterprises — it’s handy for businesses of all sizes. The following infographic from OurHelix provides compelling stats that can help sales leaders build a business case for CRM regardless of company size. For instance, did you know that reps’ productivity can increase by up to 15% with a mobile CRM application? Or that CRM systems return upwards of five dollars for every one spent? It’s hard to argue with numbers like that.

By the way, since HubSpot CRM is totally free, that ROI figure skyrockets even higher. If you wouldn’t mind getting some free money to invest back in your business, sign up for HubSpot CRM today.

Justifying a CRM Project: Surprising CRM Facts You Absolutely Need to Know [Infographic]

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Author: Emma Snider


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