SugarCRM Add-On to Share and Manage Best Practices

Check List: SugarCRM Customization for Efficient Knowledge Management and Sharing

  • Strive to provide smooth and clear knowledge sharing when a new employee joins your team?
  • Need to get the hints on the lead management straight in your smartphone or tablet?
  • Want to learn quickly how to work with new customers?

Check List, SugarCRM customization by Integros, makes this kind of work as simple as ABC

Boost performance
Simplify work and improve personal achievements of inside-sales/sales-reps

Improve quality of work
Meet sales targets and make profit rapidly

Bring new employees on board faster
Inexperienced employees become engaged in work faster as they can always see required actions

Remember the most important events
Automatic notifying system will prompt your of each significant event

Enables implementing, sharing and fine-tuning corporate best practices easily

Makes your work flexible on your smartphone or tablet

Simplifies analytics for sales managers at all levels

Reduces the number of mistakes in lead processing

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