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Avoid CRM Regrets: Learn from the Mavericks (Ebook)

Avoid CRM regrets: Learn From the Mavericks (Ebook)We’re all familiar with stories about today’s most common business challenges – vigorous competition, digital disruption, empowered customers, and changing social norms. But, while nearly every business leader faces these challenges, only a select few are really thinking and doing things differently than their competitors.

In the CRM world, these are our Mavericks. Their stories and how they’re using CRM for business transformation give us insight that we’re delighted to share with others who are keen to challenge the status quo. Read more »

CRM Disruption Guide

CRM Disruption GuideNew digital technologies emerging from mobile, social, and big data are changing how your customers expect to interact with your company. Even if you are the best in your industry, consumers are no longer comparing you with similar businesses, but comparing you across all industries, raising the bar across the board. How can you create a better customer experience when you are using the same, uninspired CRM system as your competitors? Read more »

SugarCRM vs. Salesforce.com. Is There Any Difference? (E-Book)

SugarCRM vs. Salesforce.com. Is There Any Difference? (E-Book)If you know at least something about CRM industry, probably you’ve heard of such giants as SugarCRM and Salesforce.com. Both companies occupy a solid place on the market, have strong reputation and numerous awards, develop high-quality CRM solutions and among their customers are thousands of companies of various sizes and industries that are loyal to the brand. When you choose between two such authoritative vendors, a question can present itself: “Is there any difference at all?” The answer is given in today’s post. Read more »