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Act-On: Award-Winning Marketing Automation Software

Act-On: Marketing Automation Software

About Act-On

Act-On Software’s cloud-based integrated marketing platform gives marketing and sales professionals everything they need to manage, measure, customize, and optimize the customer experience through all stages of the funnel: from lead generation, scoring, and nurturing to qualification, closed deals, and repeat sales.

Act-On Marketing Automation includes:

  • Marketing Database
  • Email Marketing
  • Automated Programs
  • Lead Scoring
  • Landing Pages & Forms
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • Web Event Integration
  • Social Marketing
  • Reports & Analytics

Sugar with Act-On integration

Act-On’s seamless integration with Sugar makes it easier for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, salesready leads to the sales team. Using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bi-directional synchronization between Sugar and Act-On. With Act-On, you can attract, capture, and nurture prospects, then convert leads directly into Sugar. Sales accesses Sugar to get real-time information, including prioritized leads and activity history.

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